Dialectiq is a unique encounter between a peacebuilding practitioner, software developer, and leading systems thinker. Inspired by the opportunity to build meaningful peace and sustainable development we combine our skills to bring you Dialectiq.

What does our team bring?

No two projects are the same. We design, test and learn how Dialectiq can meet the specific needs of each program. This means each program can have their own tailor made platform, that helps them explore their particular contexts, design strategies to navigate their specific challenges and monitor activities to demonstrate their specific impact.

Zahed Yousuf

Our resident Peacebuilder – Zahed Yousuf is the founder of Dialectiq and creator of the analytical framework. Zahed has over 15 years of experience working on peacebuilding, governance and economic development in over 20 countries affected by conflict and violence. During this time Zahed has worked on a variety of issues such as improving governance in the extractive sector, strengthening the voice of marginalised youth, promoting state citizen relations and strengthening institutional reform.

Miguel Pantaleon

Our resident systems thinker – Miguel Pantaleon is the strategy and systems thinking advisor. He has 6 years of experience structuring complex problems to enable strategy and policy design in the public, private and the third sector. He has worked on a variety of issues such as regional strategy and governance on depopulation and ageing population, improving food banks delivery system, improving national scale training strategy for volunteers of an international charity, among others.

Robin Osborne

Our resident software developer – Robin Osborne is the developer of the internet based platform. Robin has over 15 years of experience in software development, software architecture and designing development strategies. His previous roles have included Chief Technical Director at Otomotech, where he designed and developed a highly scalable system, as well as provided cloud development, and web to mobile performance capabilities.