Welcome to Dialectiq

An interactive relational mapping platform that guides people through the complex process of creating positive systemic change.

Uncovering the 'So What'​

We believe creating positive systemic change requires enhancing and clarifying our understanding of complexities.

Yet, despite being able to access more in-depth analysis and accurate data, uncovering the - 'So What does this analysis mean?' - in terms of where is the optimal place to intervene, how do we act and who do we engage with - often remains elusive.

At Dialectiq we help you find answers to these ‘So What’ questions.

How Dialectiq works

We are changing the way people think about and understand systemic change by putting relationships at the centre of the transformation process.

By examining the interactions between people, incentives and beliefs we identify systemic patterns of behaviour and the structures that drive them.

It is within these relationships where we can discover spaces for change.

Bringing meaning to analysis

By connecting different types of knowledge we make analysis more accessible, dynamic, relevant and meaningful

Visualise the context

Connect systemic factors to people

Create spaces for transforming relationships

Who we support

The platform supports national and international stakeholders, such as governments, development banks, NGOs, academic institutions, and all actors involved in positive systemic change